The task which hinders your task, is the task. -


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Most of us have heard that you’re exactly where you need to be and your journey is purposeful.

Yet, many of us want to be further.

We imagine a life where we have more, do more, and live more fully.  We play the “I’ll be happy when…” card and it’s a lie.

The truth is, you’ll never be happy in the future if you can’t learn to be happy in the present.  Exactly where you’re at today is exactly where you need to be.  The challenges you’re facing while trying to live your best life are the areas you’re meant to grow through.  “The task which hinders your task, is the task.”

Let’s put this into a real life example.  Let’s say you attend a yoga class because you’re feeling restless and in need of peace.  You sit down on your mat to start your practice only to find the tour mind keeps wandering and you’re not able to find the peace you seek.

It’s a frustrating situation because your expectation was to gain peace when the reality is a feeling of restlessness. Most people’s response to this situation is to be frustrated and feel discouraged about their mental state, when in actuality it’s the mental state that is the opportunity for growth.

The “task” hindering your task (yoga practice) is your restless mind. The restless mind is your work, not the yoga. Instead of getting frustrated, we have a choice. You can view your restless mind with curiosity and an openness for growth.

Next time your action or desire is interrupted by an inconvenience, pause. Allow yourself to be curious about the interruption and know that you’re exactly where you need to be, working on the journey that was created just for you.



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The task which hinders your task, is the task.

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