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This is your NON-salesy sales course.


Meet your girlfriends!

get to know your hosts Jess & AManda

you will learn






Attract and pull your ideal customers to you authentically and feel good about it.

Stop being phased by rejection and learn to love the process knowing you are not the product.

Save time and energy with tips, tools and strategies designed to grow and scale.

Solve problems and serve needs by identifying what it is your customers want.

grow that side hustle

make more sales and earn more money

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so what's inside?

hot seats to practice your pitch 

your personal invite to our vip facebook community

ask us anything in Q&A sessions

loads of worksheets & tools to move YOU forward

purpose diagram to hone your vision

The sales pitch your customers want to hear

bonus recorded recaps

all live trainings

COMPLETE support & love from our entire team

So you're looking to....

build and grow a business that you love.  You've started it or have the idea to start it with high hopes of success. You've seen others who were successful and aspire to their success but you aren't experiencing it in your business.

You question if you're just not cut out for entrepreneurship but you also really want to build a business around your top priorities.

Lets do this

you want to be...

financially free

the ceo of business & life

inspired & energized

& you want to have...

time freedom

fun, joy, & fulfillment

working tools & systems

a thriving business

had any of these thoughts?

"my business is going so slow, I've only told a few friends and family about it"

"I'm afraid of how I'll be perceived... I really don't want to sound salesy"

"I feel like I have no time"

"I'm sitting here spinning my wheels"

"I just don't know where to start"

make a change today

"I don't know how to find customers"

stop feeling the fear around sales and take the leap 

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