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An online course to create a personalized morning routine specifically for you – where you’re at and based on where you’re headed. This four-module course will take you through the process of honing in on your why and using that to build a morning routine that serves your vision. 

Master Your Morning

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What if I told you that in 4 weeks you could have your step-by-step formula for beating the snooze button addiction so you can wake up with energy, intention, and purpose every single day?

Do you feel like you’re running through your day, barely able to catch up or keep up?

By the end of the day, are you feeling drained, worn out and exhausted rather than content and peaceful?

Do you wish you felt more connected, inspired, hopeful and excited?

Do you want to live a life driven by purpose, not obligations and meeting others expectations?

Did you check more than one of these? If so, then the Master Your Morning course is the perfect fit for you!

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100% of participants said they accomplished the goals they set for themselves at the beginning
of the course

In order to be selfless, we start by taking care of ourselves.  Implementing a morning routine is anything but easy. In this last module, we will speak truth to the lies that try to hold us back.

Module 4: Actually Mastering Your Morning

This is where the rubber meets the road! In this module, we will create our personalized morning routines based on where we’re at today and where we’re headed. This is where the question, “what will I do when I wake up?” gets answered. Get excited because this is where things get real!

Module 3: Creating a Personalized Plan

Everyone desires to live their version of a Level 10 Life, so why do so many of us settle for less? The reason is that our habits aren’t aligned with our vision. In this module, we will start by getting clear on where we’re at in the key areas of our lives so we know where to focus first. We will also begin exploring potential tools that will eventually make up our personalized morning routines. 

Module 2: Identifying Your Level 10 Life

In this module, we will build the foundation for our personalized morning routines. We will begin by getting clear on what excuses, limiting beliefs and identities have held us back from fully implementing a morning routine up to this point. Next, we will cast a compelling vision for the future, one that establishes the foundation for the personalized plan we will build in future modules. 

Module 1: Formulating Your Why