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If presented with two options: living a balanced life versus an unbalanced one, most of us would choose balance. Right?

Right. So why then do so many of us give up on the idea or find ourselves frustrated when we’re feeling out of balance? Why do so many of us feel that balance is an impossible standard to aim for?

Because it’s not easy. Because we find ourselves in a situation where our current life and balance feel like oceans apart. The very idea of balance is overwhelming. When we think of balance we feel like we’re failing and no one likes to fail, so we give up. Sadly, we’d rather quit on ourselves right away than continue to try and fail later.

But there’s one key to balance, that if prioritized leads to better results every single time. So what is it and why don’t most of us do it?

The one thing is getting selfish.

That’s right. Not self-care, self-love or some other fluffy term that makes us feel like we’re taking care of ourselves without actually using the word selfish. No. I mean getting really really selfish. Prioritizing ourselves over others for a timed intentionally. Not all the time, but sometimes. Getting selfish about making ourselves a damn priority instead of constantly putting others’ needs in front of our own!

This is not a popular idea with most. We pride ourselves on being “selfless” on putting everyone else before us but are we really making the right choice? Doesn’t selflessness eventually lead to resentment? If we truly put others before ourselves constantly don’t we eventually wear out? And when we do who do we blame? Everyone else! But it was never their fault, it was ours.

Look, I get it. This idea isn’t popular and there might be all sorts of neurons firing in your brain preparing an argument for why you don’t agree, but the truth is, if we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t possibly take care of anyone else. Being selfish, prioritizing ourselves is actually the most selfless thing we can do. It’s only when we take care of ourselves that we can bring our fullest, most complete selves to the table to actually serve others. You know the difference when you sit down with someone else and you can actually pour into them versus suck the life out of them. This is what I’m talking about but no one gives you permission to be SELFISH!

So, this is your permission slip…be selfish. Get super clear on what’s causing you to fall out of balance, stop blaming it on others and determine what you need to do TODAY to take care of yourself, those you love and set some damn boundaries! Now go!


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Make this a priority and you won’t need to worry about finding balance

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