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A thriving community can accomplish incredible things.  I wholeheartedly believe that without a solid community, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our highest potential. It took a community to help me write and publish my book.

After I published my book, The Balanced Entrepreneur, I realized this was just the start of my journey. Sharing the book with the world opened up new doors to me and the potential of helping others achieve balance. I received so many texts, calls, emails, DMs, and social mentions of people who read my book and wanted to share what it meant to them. And not just share it with me! With everyone they knew. This isn’t the kind of book that you read and walk away. This is the start of a conversation. 

With this in mind, I set out to create a space where everyone could come together to share their thoughts. Not just thoughts of the book, but of their own journeys. I wanted to create an online community where we could continue the conversation and foster new ideas and encouragement for each other.

Join The Balanced Entrepreneur Community 

I want to invite you to join me in the online community I’m building on Facebook that’s simply called “The Balanced Entrepreneur.”  This space will be where we can share thoughts, ideas, hopes, and setbacks. By we, I mean anyone who is willing to be open and honest about their journey – wherever they are at this moment. This community would serve anyone who relishes a supportive space where they can share and grow.

Each week, I’ll post leading questions or thoughts to facilitate discussions on creating a balanced life in the closed group. 

Why keep the group closed? This community is not afraid of sharing their thoughts and feelings; however, keeping the group closed establishes privacy and the ability for open and thoughtful conversation without worrying if your sister-in-law sees how you truly feel about balancing it all. 

Do you want your sister-in-law to be part of the conversation? Invite her to the group! She is welcome to join. 

The Balanced Entrepreneur Community is for:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Side hustler
  • Dreamer
  • Doer
  • Sharer

Do any of these resonate with you? 

If the answer is yes and if you’re ready to get really vulnerable and be apart of this community then I welcome you! If none of these resonate with you, but you like the sound of them and are ready to jump in then I welcome you, too. 

This community wants to help all its members work towards a balanced business/home/life so that each member can continue to grow and thrive. It doesn’t matter where you are now as long as you are willing to grow into your dream future. 

Sound good? 

The book was the start of this community, and I invite you to join the conversation! You’ll notice when you request to join that I ask you a few simple questions. This is not meant to deter but inspire thoughtful responses to set the tone of your contribution to the group! These responses won’t be shared with anyone unless you choose to share them.

Join me over in The Balanced Entrepreneur Facebook Group





Building an Intentional Community

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