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The Balanced Entrepreneur

A guide to creating a purposeful life and living it unapologetically.

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"My hope as you pick up this book is that you’re searching for something more or following a calling deep inside you that’s telling you not to settle. My hope is that you already know you’re meant for something great, something bigger than where you are now and the life you’re leading today. I also hope your life is already great. Life doesn’t have to be broken in order to seek more. Quite the opposite, in fact. I think it’s when we experience richness and fullness that we get a taste for what we’re meant to have, the life we were created to lead."

The Balanced Entrepreneur is an inspirational manual for entrepreneurs, from beginners to seasoned business owners on how to live their best lives without qualification.  The book establishes a new paradigm for implementing balance in the lives of those who try to do it all: work, family, and the pursuit of wellness in the midst of life's hiccups.  Readers will learn practical tips, including everything from business application to the art of effective self-care.  The Balanced Entrepreneur covers themes from spirituality to wealth management and everything in between.  It is an essential guide for prospering as an entrepreneur in business and in life today.

Jess Dennis is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author, and a loving mom and wife.  Since starting her first company at 25 years old she knew she wanted it all: to pursue her purpose, raise a family and create the richest life imaginable.  It quickly became obvious that 'having it all' was only possible through entrepreneurship and balance.  Jess is a self-made millionaire, running multiple businesses that allow her to focus on her top priorities: her family, her faith and herself.  She believes that not only can you 'have it all' but you should stop at nothing less.

What the readers have to say

I'm only one chapter in but I can tell you this: the author has me.  Inspiring for anyone seeking life guidance and motivation to design their future.  I love the emphasis on thriving now, rather than waiting for a future when we "have time".  Her definition of entrepreneurship is liberating.  I can't wait to dive into the next chapter and the rest of the book.  Highly recommended.

Anyone seeking a fulfilling balanced life can benefit from this book.

E. Nelson, Amazon Customer

From the moment I started reading this book, the author grabbed my attention and leaving me wanting more. I read a lot of self help, motivational books, but this one is from the heart, genuine and shows the true journey, with no fluff.

Perfect title, written from the heart and very genuine.

Rachel M. Piechl, Amazon Customer

A spectacular read - the story of life, love, hardship all tied together with life lessons and great advice.  This raw story of being a woman entrepreneur, mother, wife, and friend will leave a lasting impression on you.

Enticing, engaging quick read...

Shannon Full, Amazon Customer

This book should be read by every woman....and man for that matter.  The author puts feelings into words, and could not have bared her soul more honestly in writing this book.  She gives truth, mistakes, growth, and tactical tips for living your best life and living it unapologetically.  She has opened my eyes to an entirely new world, one I've dreamt of being possible but didn't know exactly how I would make it happen and now reading this, I can see it and believe in it more than ever.

This book will open your eyes to what is possible.

Brynn joki, Amazon Customer

Jess is so much more than the balanced entrepreneur.  She is a stand for freedom and the possibility of women everywhere having amazing love, incredible family connection, a profitable business, and a deep faith.  The Balanced Entrepreneur is a must read for entrepreneurs who are ready to live the life of their dreams now, Jess shows you how.

A must read for all entrepreneurs

Kaela, Amazon Customer

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The Balanced Entrepreneur


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