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Maybe you’ve attempted to create a morning routine for yourself. You set your alarm for 5 am with big, lofty goals for jumping out of bed at first sound of your alarm. Then, reality happened. You went to bed late because your kids wouldn’t go to sleep. You didn’t sleep well because you have a lot on your plate. You hit snooze at that first 5 am alarm because you just wanted a few more minutes of sleep. Then again, and again. When you finally did get up at your usual time you felt guilty as you rushed into your day. You didn’t follow through and you beat yourself up. 

Or, maybe you did follow your morning routine for a few days or weeks and did start to see the benefits. But something set you back like getting sick or your kids getting sick and you lost your momentum. 

Forgive Yourself and Move Forward

Before you even continue to read this, I want you to forgive yourself. It’s okay that you tried to create a morning routine and it didn’t work. I promise. You have to take a moment right now and take a deep breath. It’s okay that it didn’t work before as long as you’re thankful for the lessons this taught you. 

I’ve shared before how creating my morning routine helped me accomplish my biggest goals by being the most balanced, best version of myself. I hope I was also successful in sharing how much I resisted my morning routine. How I let excuses hold me back from that early morning alarm. It’s actually very normal to resist a new habit. It’s what you do when you face that resistance that counts. 

Wake Up for Your Future Self

One way I learned to be able to follow through with my routine is because I wake up with purpose. I have my priorities in place and waking up early allows me to spend time with them. I wake up for me. That alarm goes off and my feet hit the floor before excuses start filling my head. 

I let go of sleep and wake up for my future self. 

Would your future self thank you for your morning routine? 

Waking up for your family, your business, and your goals is a great reason to wake up. However, ultimately you need to start waking up for you. 

Are you ready to wake up with purpose?

 Sign me up! I want to Master My Morning. 

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Mornings with Your Future You

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