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It is with George Bernard Shaw’s words that I start this document, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” I believe that we are more than this world. That we were someone before we came into existence, that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe that our souls know who we are and why we’re here. I also believe that we’re here on purpose and for purpose, every single one of us. I know I have a purpose; therefore, all have a purpose, it cannot happen any other way.

This company is not just a company, it’s a calling, it’s purposeful and the main objective is to serve others, serve you. It is through learning more about my purpose here on earth and who I am that I will be able to serve others fully and completely. Leaning into purpose is a choice and I believe while it is our deepest desire, it is also one of the scariest things we will do here on earth. In my experience, the closer I have come to purpose the more at home I have felt while also feeling totally unprepared and ill-equipped.

Our Mission

Somehow, I live in a space where I am not totally certain that I can achieve/be all that I know I am capable of and yet, simultaneously I know it is what I must do. The foundation, as far as I know right now today is that this company will support women in their entrepreneurial journeys of all sorts to pursue their passion, purpose and calling while arranging their lives around their top priorities; their families, their health, their marriages, their wellbeing, their faith or spiritual backgrounds, their finances and their values. The company exists to encourage you, to let them you it is okay to want an exceptional life. That desiring to “have it all” is not selfish or some impossible standard. If it is in your heart, it is possible and a dream you CAN pursue. At Balanced Entrepreneur we believe that women can give the best of themselves to the world and their families when they prioritize themselves. We believe that entrepreneurship is much more than just building businesses, it’s about creating the life you desire. It’s being the entrepreneur of your life, your household, your family, your priorities and your dreams. No one is going to create this life for you, it’s up to each one of us.

That desiring to “have it all” is not selfish or some impossible standard. If it is in your heart, it is possible and a dream you can pursue.

What’s the point in having it all or building a rich life if we can’t be present to enjoy it?

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