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I want it all.  And I want you to have it too.

"I am five chapters into your book, and it is flipping good. It is SO good. I think this is absolutely something that people need to hear. So many women are going to resonate with this book, you are going to change lives."

- Jim Larsen, The Initiative Podcast

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The balanced entrepreneur book

You'll find me in the kitchen, coffee in hand wearing a food stained apron, playing chef and mixing up a meal my family will enjoy together.  Get me on the water and I'm at peace, just waiting for that next big fish to catch.

what I'm known for:

 I couldn’t seem to remember what I truly wanted or needed anymore.  I regained adequate balance after pushing through some of the rockiest years of my life: mourning the loss of my brother, losing connection in my marriage, and raising young children (all while diving into the world of entrepreneurship). It took monumental work in reflection, prayer, and self-care to get me back, to gain balance.

Over the past decade, in the world of entrepreneurship, I learned one of the most important lessons of all: you have to make yourself a priority or everything falls flat.

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"I'm only one chapter in but I can tell you this: the author has me. Inspiring for anyone seeking life guidance and motivation to design their future. I love the emphasis on thriving now, rather than waiting for a future when we “have time”. Author rightly states, from her own bitter loss — which she recounts with vulnerability — that none of us knows if we will have that time. Her definition of entrepreneurship is liberating. I can’t wait to dive into the next chapter and the rest of the book. Well written with an authentic voice. Nicely produced as well. Highly recommended."

 E. NELSON, Amazon Customer

What they're saying about the book....

"Jess is so much more than the balanced entrepreneur. She is a stand for freedom and the possibility of women everywhere having amazing love, incredible family connection, a profitable business, and a deep faith. The Balanced Entrepreneur is a must read for entrepreneurs who are ready to live the life of their dreams now, Jess shows you how."

KAELA, Amazon Customer

What they're saying about the book....

"It allows the reader to reflect on their own life and decide how to embrace the here and now while paving a secure path for the future; giving yourself grace for when things go astray and how to look for the potential messages being sent to you by whatever you believe in...signs that point to the change in plan or new direction as a good thing albeit a challenge. I especially recommend this book to anyone who identifies with the all-consuming "what am I doing with my life" question as you will find insights into discovering the answers that are sitting right in front of you."

KEELY, Amazon Customer

What they're saying about the book....

"This book provided SO much insight to the journey of entrepreneurship! I can't say enough about the author's transparency in her journey. The belief and sense of community it has sparked within me has completely transformed my approach to my business. Nobody is alone in this world of entrepreneurship, and if anyone has it figured out you guys, this author does!"

KATHLEEN DONAHO, Amazon Customer

What they're saying about the book....

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The Trap of Perfection

"Perfectionism isn't a set behavior. It really is a destructive way of thinking about yourself. When you make a mistake or if you fail or stumble, you don't just feel disappointed in how you did, but in who you are."

I am not my work. Period. Never have been, never will be.

Make this a priority and you won’t need to worry about finding balance

If presented with two options: living a balanced life versus an unbalanced one, most of us would choose balance. Right?

The one thing is getting selfish.

Setting Unclear Boundaries with Others will Always Lead to Imbalance

Because often times, the thing we’re doing to “help” others is making us miserable and setting totally unclear exceptions. Worse yet, when we don’t prioritize ourselves and our values we create chaos and quickly fall out of balance.

When you feel pulled in two different directions

Inspiration is a Two Way Street

Books were my main source of inspiration until I learned that there’s an even greater well that I can dip into anytime, that’s even more accessible than a book on a shelf. That well is me.

What we receive and what we offer up

My Letter to the Reader

I’ve thought about you the entire time I was writing it. I’ve wondered where you are in your journey and in your life. I’ve contemplated the thoughts and feelings that keep you up at night, the things that cause you to act and the ones that cause you to stop. I’ve wondered about what gifts you possess and what your unique purpose is here on earth. But mostly I’ve thought about the similarities in our journeys and how we’re both here to lead exceptional, purpose-filled, balanced lives.

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